V. Ulea (Vera Zubarev)  is a poet and a literary critic, the editor of a Russian language journal, Gostinaya. .She  published tvelwe books including, most recently, Lunar Rhapsody (2007) and bilingual "Treatise About Angels", (Zurich, 2003) which won The Top Book Award of the International Book Fair "Green Wave" (Odessa, 2004)

- A Concept of Dramatic Genre and. the Comedy of a New Type. Chess, Literature, and Film. (Southern Illinois University Press, 2002).  Applying systems theory to the comedies of Chekhov, Balzac, Kleist, Moliere, and Shakespeare, A Concept of Dramatic Genre  approaches dramatic genre from the point of view of the degree of richness and strength of a character’s potential. Its main focus is to establish a methodology for analyzing the potential from multidimensional perspectives, using systems thinking. The whole concept is an alternative to the Aristotelian plot-based approach and is applied to an analysis of western and eastern European authors as well as contemporary American film.  (see Preface)

 - About Angels, About God, About Poetry: A Theologico, Poetico Treatise. (Livingston Press, 2002)

 - Systems Approach to Literature: Mythopoetics of Chekhov's Four Major Plays (Greenwood, 1997). In this literary analysis Zubarev introduces a systems comprehensive approach to a literary work.

V. Ulea  teaches at the University of Pennsylvania Russian literature, language, and culture. Her courses include "That Enigmatic Russian Soul," "Fate and Chance in Literature and Film," "Art of Decision Making," (part of Organizational Dynamics program), "Chekhov on Stage and Screen.",

Her English poetry has been published in The Literary Review (in translation), in Princeton Arts Review, The Neovictorian/Cochlea, RE:AL, The Eclectic Muse, Portals, Mind Matters, and other magazines.

Together with Vad Chariton she has produced many CDs  of her Russian and English poetry.

She wrote and directed her first  feature film "Four Funny Families" (2004)

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