About Angels

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  • Appearance of Angels. Angels snatch the young man and take him away to the world he described in his manuscript... More

  • Society of Angels. Angels bring the young man to their programmed society.

  • Angels’ Personal Life. Even in their personal life angels act like a one single mechanism.

  • Symposium: a Creation of the Artificial Angelic Intellect from the Imperfect Human Soul.

  • God Planting the Tree of Knowledge with Its Roots Up.

  • Creation of Adam: Adam Dancing with a Hoe. March of Angels. God Dancing with the Rib.

  • Appearance of Eve. God sees in Eve all future generations.

  • Ball in Eve’s Honor. The Serpant invites Eve to dance. God is floating on the horizon, thinking over his new projects. Eve tears off the Forbidden Fruit.

  • Cognition. Banished, Adam embraces the whole new universe in Eve.

  • Eve at the Cradle of Mankind. On the wall there appear shadows of human generations whose imagination is directed only toward pragmatic needs and wild merriment’s.

  • Adam Creates the Immortal Human Soul.

  • The Young Man Returns to His Room. 


                                                       Based on V.Ulea's book "About Angles"


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