Michael R. Burch

is the editor of The HyperTexts, on-line at www.thehypertexts.com, where he has published the work of three Pulitzer Prize nominees and recent winners of the T. S. Eliot, Richard Wilbur and Howard Nemerov awards. He has three Pushcart nominations, and his poetry has been translated into Farsi and Gjuha Shqipe (Albanian). His work has appeared over 650 times in literary journals and sundry publications which include Shabestaneh, Bashgah and Mahmag (Iran), Kritya (India), Sonnetto Poesia and The Eclectic Muse (Canada), Numbat (Australia), Ancient Heart Magazine and The Word (England), Nutty Stories (South Africa), and Black Medina, Voices for Africa, The Chariton Review, Light Quarterly, Poet Lore, The Lyric, Unlikely Stories, Writers Digest The Years Best Writing, ByLine and Verse (USA).


Esther Cameron

has a Ph.D. in literature and a J.D. and lived for ten years in Jerusalem.  She edits a poetry magazine, The Neovictorian/Cochlea (soon to be rnamed The Deronda Review), and a website, www.pointandcircumference.com . Two longer works, The Consciousness of Earth and Souls Evidence, have appeared in Bellowing Ark, and her sonnet cycle The Worlds Last Rose: sonnets for the Prince of Twilight may be viewed on The Hyper Texts (www.thehypertexts.com). 


Helen Bar-Lev

was born in New York City in 1942.  She has lived in Israel for 36 years.  She holds a degree in Anthropology from California State University, Northridge, 1972. Since 1976 Helen has devoted herself to art: painting, teaching and writing poetry.  To date Bar-Lev has participated in 80 exhibitions, including 30 one-person shows.  Her poems and paintings have appeared in many online journals such as The Other Voices International Project, The Coffee Press Journal, The Hypertexts, and others. A book entitled CYCLAMENS AND SWORDS with poems of Israel by Helen and her partner Johnmichael Simon has been published by Ibbetson Press of Boston, Mass. and is available via Lulu and also may be ordered from the authors hbarlev@netvision.net.il. Her watercolor paintings and sketches are featured throughout the book.  Helen is a member of Voices Israel English Poetry Society and The Israel Artists and Sculptors Association.  In March, 2006, Helen was elected Editor-in-Chief of the Voices Israel Anthology published annually by the Voices Israel Group of Poets in English. Helen has been appointed Global Correspondent for Israel by the WHC Poetry Bridge.


Yakov Azriel

was born in New York, in 1950, as Gerald Rosenkrantz. After receiving his B.A. in English literature (summa cum laude) from Brooklyn College, he moved to Israel, where he changed his name to Yakov Azriel.  He later completed an MA with distinction and a doctorate in Judaica, concentrating on the stories of Rabbi Nachman of Braslav.  Over 70 of his poems on Biblical and Jewish themes have been published in journals in the U.S., the U.K., and Israel, and his poems have won thirteen prizes in international poetry competitions.  In addition, he was awarded a fellowship from the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture in 2004-2005 for his poetry.  His first book of poetry, THREADS FROM A COAT OF MANY COLORS, was published in 2005 by Time Being Books.


Yala Korwin

a poet and visual artist, works hard at reconciling two competing needs: to express herself with words and with images. As a Holocaust survivor she is deeply committed to her mission of not letting the world forget the most horrible crime of the twenties century. Her book, TO TELL THE STORY - POEMS OF THE HOLOCAUST is distributed by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. Her poem The Little Boy With His Hands Up and interview is included in A CHILD AT GUNPOINT by Richard Raskin. Her three poems are included in BEYOUND LAMENT edited by M. Striar, and three poems in the new edition  of BLOOD TO REMEMBER edited by Charles Fishman. She has poems published in numerous magazines.


Johnmichael Simon

lives in the village of Metulla, Israel on the border of Lebanon, with his wife, fellow poet and artist Helen Bar-Lev, their cats and a dog. John writes poetry every day; some of it wins prizes and honorable mentions in anthologies in Israel and abroad. He is a member of the board of Voices the Israeli English speaking poetry group and has published several illustrated books of poetry including Silly Wishes, a book of childrens verse and Cyclamens and Swords and Other Poems About the Land of Israel (Ibbetson Press, Boston, Mass., USA) in collaboration with Helen. John has been guest poet at readings in England, the US and Canada and contributes to numerous Internet publications and print Anthologies.



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