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    Conversation 10

                                                                     Izzy Vishnevetsky

Between Land and Sky

(some notes on the scraps of paper)


Some very inquisitive people, including myself, were trying to comprehend why Jews were so over represented, relative to their numbers, in art, sciences, law, medicine…

(See, for example: 1."The Bell Curve" (1994), by R. Herrnstein and C. Murray, 2."Introduction to the History of Science (1927-48)" by G. Sarton, and, 3."Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence", by G. Cochran (physicist), J. Hardy and H. Harpending (anthropologists)  in 2006 Journal of Biosocial Studies.)

I am trying to look at these findings and share some thoughts on Jewish mentality and its origin. Why the Jews?

      Without any doubt, the most important historical factor for Jews was the absence of territory. This made them oriented only on themselves and conditions of their life. Their being was free of vast space. So their Spirit was free from History as well, as to go together. And Time.

They lived within their community and this made them look at everybody else as “us” and “them.”

As soon as a Jew was born he was under the constant guidance as to what he can (and can’t) do and what not. The Jew was trying to stay away from everybody else and their way of life (life beyond his community)

Everything was directed inside the Jew, into his body. ?

This common fate, existence within their community, made them (Jews stay) close to each other and, thus, helped to (them) survive. Spinoza and D’Acosta lived in the community not country.

So the Jew did not live on the land (territory), village, town – but among his own folks. His whole universe was his body. Everything he eats, all he observes, his accumulated knowledge settles inside his body layer after layer. Freud based his studies on trying to separate these layers and analyze them. Memory is the key database for him. It is individual and based on psychology, not social-historical.

By squeezing them out of their lands (Mother+land wanted her sons and daughters to work on it!) and not allowing Jews to work on it.

The peoples who owned the land forced the Jews to find other ways of survival. By not being able to expand through acquisition of more land they started to accumulate money as a substitute. Immaterial way of existence. Later they imposed their way on the whole world.

History made  them inhabitants of nowhere. It is an absolutely different level of existence – between land and sky (God).  We see flying Jews on the paintings of Mark Chagall.

They were forced to find (create) occupations that had nothing to do with direct work on land. They became intermediaries between God and people who lived on the land.

They forced to exist not like all other peoples on land - historically, but to exist without place and time – eternally.

They built the Promised  Land - inside them, as well as their Spirit.

Torah – God’s Word - is their history, territory and time.

For a Jew it is important to consume God’s word, well interpreted and to make it a part of him.

So layer after layer the Jew fills himself with knowledge, kosher food, keeps his body clean – accumulates tremendous energy that is not spent on working on land and creating history, within time…

He is very energetic, has sense of humor (would have been dead without it, having such fate!), always optimistic… Jewish substance – of energetic origin.

Life made them stoic, prepared for any twists of it, they do not react to this twists like any other people. Remember Rembrandt’s Jews? How they look? Out of this world…

Life is the most important thing for a Jew. His life serves him as his world.

The Jew has no land and exists out of Time. God teaches him to preserve his life at any cost. He - his God - is within him. The Jew wants to live now, today with his family and relatives.

A Wife defines a Jew. Many Jewish Last names – derivatives from female names.

All people who live on land are very tightly, strongly connected to it. They have their history and traditions. For them it is hard to move from their land.

Not for the Jews. They  were only adjusting very quickly but were taking off quickly as well.

They deal with “secondary” products of the land: ideas, theories, transformations of materials and products. Good at structuring, combining things. Money, finances…

One of the most important things of Jewish logic is a direct connection between the text of the Torah and today’s events, outside of history and time. My life and the Torah are directly associated. Now. As if several thousands of years did not exist.

 Food is Jewish logos. Strictly regulated what is permissible to eat. Kosher.

 Living without land forces them to live “in between” and accumulate energy. God’s word substitutes for them history and territory (terry+torah).

The Present and the Eternity are Time for them. That is why when a Jew gets into an environment where this surplus of energy can be applied – a lot can be done…

All this energy, accumulated in a small volume can do a lot. Freud understood this. He wanted to release this energy, to relieve it from the body from time to time. He had penetrated into the deep layers of subconscious and analyzed all this pieces, abbreviations of dreams, incoherent speech as break-through of fundamental layer of existence, deep-deep iceberg on the surface of sub consciousness.

For a Jew hearing is very important. Hearing – substance of energy. Seeing is penetrating into the substance of objects. They are good at penetrating into things.

Very interestingly Jews have their New Year starting from September – October. For people that have no territory and time – a strange fact. Well, because it substitutes them the Nature (land) with its changes of seasons. For people who live on land this calendar is redundant, as they know very well when to start farming and pick-up the crop.

Jewish God has never been depicted. Nobody has ever seen him, but his voice has been heard.

 His existence is His Word!

Jewry is a very dense substance. It has many atoms per square inch. A Jew lived between land and sky for 2000 years in a crowded room. A body next to a body. Here was his Space and here was his Time. Here he smelled the sweat and breath of his kids and his relatives.

All this energy was accumulated in a small space… That is why Jews have long noses – to smell and to absorb clean air from overcrowded space – in order to survive, to breeze, to function…

They are explosive substance. History accumulated this substance in order  to explode it in the 20TH century into science, world history and culture…

Because they did not have land  they had nothing to look after  and nothing to observe. That is why they are good at perceiving the “invisible” – the belief in God, understanding of not visible categories, deduction-induction, to get into dark, invisible depths of the soul…

Jews have a lot of nervous and heart deceases from too much stress and inability to release it in a natural way by going out. Also they have skin diseases because of the lack of fresh air.

Blindness comes from no access of light where they used to live. Their lack of movement – because of their way of living – results in hemorrhoids… Living in an overcrowded space sharpened their feel for the body. Perhaps that’s why they became good doctors.

Old Testament – very pragmatic. It is directed towards a real person, who is initially leaning towards evil.

Such person needs bans in order not to do evil things. The Moses laws are doing the task of bringing up a realistic, down to earth human being. That is why Jews are reserved, not unruly. They always feel that their God lives within them and can punish.

Not everything is permissible…

The Jewish law is on a more pragmatic level than Christian, but it better understands the level of the human beings. The Jew is constantly living under the close eye of his God and fear of God restrains him.

Jews are directed only towards Life, all other people – equally towards life and death.

When Jews roamed from place to place whatever was on their way (countries, mountains, rivers) – nothing mattered to them.

The most important was they.

Everything is squeezed inside their kin and the gene. The people, who lived on land, at the same time built culture: towns, states, history.

The Jews were only interested in pragmatic results of this. The model of Growing the tree of Life is alien to them, as they did not have land…

So they made Life an arena of growing and perfection.   And one of the most important things in life – to put together the spiritual and material – God brings it together with the help of religious diet, God blessed copulation and hard work.

In all other cultures everything in history and time was achieved through devastation of human being: his nerves, muscles, brains, feelings. Spirit existed separately from flesh.

A great civilization was created at expense of man.

Judaism is the unity of flesh and spirit.

The human being then becomes one whole, not torn apart from inside and outside.

The Jewish God has married Life!

 For Jews Life is Everything!

That is why they live their life today, as they know that there is no second life.

That is why they fulfill diligently all God’s laws and are not expecting any forgiveness.

Everything is directed towards the body, towards genitals, where all the energies are located

So when others are growing crops or building history, spend energy, muscles, nerves - the Jews build families and family life, keep their body clean by eating clean staff and keep hygiene of the body, producing the best semen (gene) possible for transfer it to next generation’s conception.

Some people look at this as narcissism. No, it is not…

And Jewish God never leaves the Jew alone. He is in all aspects of his life and never can be excluded from it.

Everything that is alive is divine in Judaism.

Lehaim! For life!*


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