Gostinaya, Issue 1

V. Ulea
 Photo by V. Ulea

Gostinaya   is a journal of cyber meetings and conversations, which first appeared in 1995 as a result of our conversations with my former teacher and friend, a prominent late professor in Wharton School, Aron Katsenelinboigen. For those who are not familiar with his works I can say that his Predispositioning theory has captured the minds of innovatively thinking scientists and scholars with whom Aron consulted, discussed, and developed his research. I believe that his concept is the concept of the future.

The word Gostinaya has several translations into English, among them: salon, sitting-room, reception-room, drawing-room  All these meanings are credible, but I cant choose one for you. This would be your task. So, feel free to choose the one which suits you better and enter any circle of our discussion room either as a discussant or a guest (Gost-inaia has the same basic stem as guest and the meaning is also the same).

As you can see, everyone is given his own space in Gostinaya where he or she can express his ideas and thoughts in prose, poetry, reviews and the like.

The conversations in Gostinaya-journal are structured around one theme that we discuss all-year long and then change the topic to a new one. That means that Gostinaya-journal appears online annually with your kind help.

                                         V. Ulea      

   V.ULEA, Editor-in-Chief 

     Editorial Board 

     Mike Burch
     Esther Cameron
     Helen Bar-Lev
     Vadim Zubarev
     Irene Frenkel 



Though God had something to say,

He wasn't really eloquent.

He pronounced one phrase a day

And was silent the whole weekend.

        V. Ulea (from About Angels...)



          Drawing by Irene Frenkel             





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