Lunar Rhapsody is an invitation to the world of lunar interactions and the mystique of human relations.       


               Audio CD, 2006

               Poetry by V. Ulea,

               Music by Vad Chariton

               Performed by V. Ulea


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1. You told me once...
2. If you once look up...  
3. Do you know how the snow...
4. You’ll think of me to the sweat...  
5. You Sleep...
6. O how many...  
7. Talk to me...
8. The Day is Hot...  
9. End of Year...
10. Would you like me to be...  
11. You begged and begged...  
12. Don’t interpret...  
13. I am the Moon
14. Greetings! I’m not the same...  
15. You wake up at night...
16. Flesh cannot be revived...  
17. So, What Happens...



  REVIEWS :       


...The entire c/d is a great experience: there is a blending of the art forms! Words and music.

 I listened to c/d several times and I absolutely love it!
First of all, you have a wonderful tone to your voice and you
are excellent at reciting poems; Your voice pulls the listener right
into the entire experience.
I love the idea of poems centered around the human emotional
aspects of the moon's influence; at the same time they are highly
intelligent poems without being too much in the intellect. In fact, they
are 'body centered', which is why they are so intriguing. On the one
hand is the Moon and everything it represents (Woman, vacillating
emotional states, etc) but at it's core is 'coolness, restraint'----This
polar opposite draws the listener into the poems as a seductive lure.
The music is great because it doesn't get in the way of the
words, first of all. It also can stand up on its own and is very
mysterious and lovely and describes each poem perfectly.
The entire c/d is a great experience: there is a blending of the art forms! Words and music.

                                                                                                         Adele Chatelain


...A most enjoyable and moving experience!!


Hearing your CD was delightful for both of us! The music is beautiful and your quiet voice, Vera, sounds dream-like and alluring. A most enjoyable and moving experience!!


We loved your accent, Vera. It's good you didn't choose an American to read your poetry. Your voice added to the mystique of the whole piece.

                                                                                                           Tamar & Larry Palmer



...It is the best gift of one's life, to make these beautiful poems


I love the lunar rhapsodies. It made my day to hear it, to listen to the beauty created out of those couple of weeks of deep cold and snow... the words also speak to the passion and love and how it expresses itself, or does not, or seeks to, and cannot, and so on.... I am going to listen to them again this evening.

Thank you! It is the best gift of one's life, to make these beautiful poems, for the winter evenings. Hearing these poems set to music reminds me of Schubert's Winterreise...

                                                                                                             Janet Roberts  

That CD totally mesmerized me...

That CD totally mesmerized me. I listen to it twice and I must say I have never heard poetry quite the same way. I loved it, it was so soothing and relaxing. Your voice is very easy to listen to and the music gave it a beautiful sound. I found nothing that I didn't like. I will be listing to the CD often. .

                                                                                                            Marilyn A. Farnes

...It is a little breath-taking!


I had the pleasure of listening to "Lunar Rhapsody," not once but twice this morning. It is a little breath-taking! I love the way you used the device of onomatopoeia weaving your images of life, love, sadness while all the while the music made its way up and down the scales to produce the most tantalizing effects that I have ever head on a poetry CD.

                                                                                                              Margaret Rigsby

Moonlight Becomes Her

Adding her unique touch to artistic considerations of the moon, filmmaker V. Ulea has created Lunar Rhapsody, a collection of poems and photos to delight the heart and pique the soul. Ulea’s book is a little gem that welcomes readers to the world of lunar mysteries.
“No matter what astronomers say about it, for poets and artists the moon has always remained a living creature, mysterious and mesmerizing, that watches over their dreams and determines the flux of their inspiration, even as it determines the ebb and flow of the tides,” Ulea writes in her revealing introduction.... >>More


                                                                                                              Betty Jo Tucker


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