Vad Chariton (Vadim Zubarev) was recognized as a promising musician at an early age in his native Odessa, Ukraine. He studied music at a school for gifted children and later at a musical institute in Voronezh, Russia where he earned a Masters Degree in classical piano. Vad gained considerable experience as a solo performer during his years of study and also headed a successful pop group. After immigrating to the USA in 1990, Vad has focused on composing original music, working out of his home studio.

He composed the music for the films "Four Funny Families" (2003), "Loneliness" (2004), "About Angels,etc." (2006). Vad's music has been played on the Classical Music Station (WRTI Temple Radio). It is often performed as a part of a project called "Synthesis of Arts." The project includes works by a poet V.Ulea (University of Pennsylvania), and artist Irene Frenkel (Artforms Gallery).

He received  "Outstanding original score" award for the film "Loneliness" at the 2004 WestFest film festival.

  Sound Track for film "Four Funny Families"
CD "Contemplations" is a mental journey to a hidden universe of the human soul whose eternal beauty is revealed through its interlacing feelings of joy and sadness, tranquility and excitement, happiness and loneliness...  
  CD "About Angels" is a ballet based on a cycle of poems  by Ulea.  
                "In my music I attempt to combine the beauty of classical forms with the freedom of modern styles."
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