Irene Frenkel is an artist whose astonishing fantasy is immediately recognized once you have seen her works. A rich universe of powerful forms in their whimsical relationships appears before the eyes of those who are open to anything unusual requiring creativity and free flights of imagination. Her art reveals dynamic space whose living matter perpetually generates novelty, the universe whose mutability challenges common sense and opens new perspectives.

Creation  Oil on canvas. 40"x29"

Green Dreams
Oil on canvas. 36"x24"

Oil on canvas.  32"x24

 Coexistence    Oil on canvas.  32"x26

Reunion Oil on canvas.48"x36"



                 Independence   Oil on canvas. 32"x24"                                         Contemplations. Fragment. Oil on canvas.  48"x24"

                   Poppyseed                 Question Mark                     Radiance

                                                            Drawings      Mixed Media  Exhibition                          

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